About Us

Mordex, LLC was started by Ben Vogler, a 20 year veteran in mortgage origination, to bring efficiency and centralized control to the ordering of new and existing property surveys.  Mordex is a web based platform for Title Companies, Originators, Lenders and Real Estate Agents nationwide to manage their property survey orders. 

Surveys are Copyrighted material yet Surveyors have not been notified and compensated when their work is used over and over again.  This has the potential of risking the entire real estate industry with copyright infringement.    

In addition, the entire loan approval process  is being delayed while waiting on the seller or borrower to provide an existing survey, only to get one that is manipulated or not legible.   

Mordex assists in reducing fraud by preventing multiple loans to be made on one property.  This is done by blocking access to a second survey ordered on the same property during a particular time period.

Mordex protects the Chain of Custody by only accepting surveys uploaded directly by the Survey firm and distributing them directly to each end user.  This prevents deletion or manipulation of existing encroachments, easements and building lines that could affect a lien. 

The use of Mordex to order and distribute surveys provides Title Companies, Originators, Lenders and Real Estate Agents with assurance that the survey they use is accurate, legal, and legible.

We appreciate the opportunity to work with you.